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18th November 2011

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Ok, so the final photos for the entire setting is mainly of signs and those of us who refused to let the hate mongers preach without knowing we were not going to tolerate it. No matter what was said, no matter how many people were around us, we stood strong and refused to not let our voices be heard.

Together, we fought for tolerance, equality, and most of all, LOVE! It was astounding how many people at our school are queer friendly, especially being in Arkansas. Though it did get heated for a little bit, the Alliance did not let the haters get to us. Whether they said we were living a lie, going straight to hell, or incapable of love, we stood strong and made sure we were heard by ALL!

This concludes the photo series of my experience with Brother Jed and company, but I will leave you with a few of the quotes I heard over the two days. 

"Masturbation is the 1st step to homosexuality!"

"College students worship the almighty condom God!"

"Condoms are instruments of evil! Condoms are used for premarital sex, so therefor, they are evil themselves! Married people should not use condoms!"

"Sex is strictly for procreating, as are women. Women must be obedient to their husband and give them children and do nothing, but housework!"

"Purple is the color of homosexuals!"

"Bigotry is a homosexual word, created by homosexuals!"

"Gays adopting children is child abuse!"

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