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18th November 2011

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So, here is the first set of photos from the 1 days. This shows the beginning of what went on and also, the condemning of premarital sex by these people. Any girl who lost her virginity before marriage was a whore to these people, even raped women. Also, kissing on the lips before marriage was a sin. Also, they claimed sex was strictly for procreating. Women were also only for procreating and house work.

The girl in the middle of the crowd voiced her opinion on all of this by saying that instead of trying to leave teens completely oblivious about sex and safe sex, we need to start educating them and also providing birth control, condoms and dental dams to those that are sexually active. She got an applaud from the crown, but was condemned as a whore by the woman “preaching”.

The last photo is of my friend, Ashley, who confronted the woman when she claimed to love all of us. Her little sign says, ‘FREE HUGS!”

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